A wee bit about ourselves


Hello, my name is Chris and I'm the owner of Featherstone and Bloom. I am a new Daddy and since we had our daughter Alix-Grace I've had a real interest in kid's clothing. I love unique handmade items that are gender neutral, however when looking around locally I couldn’t find anything similar in High Street shops, everything was either brightly coloured, pastel or had cartoon characters.

I wanted Alix-Grace to have unique clothes to wear, as I am sure most parents do. So with a background in Art & Design I taught myself how to screen-print from scratch. My designs and slogans are modern and relevant. From this Featherstone and Bloom was born.

My designs are created from a drawing and hand printed onto baby soft, 100% cotton, made in the UK with eco-friendly water based inks. My Tees are all made to order, as I hand print each one, so every item that I make is unique. 
Everything that you see on our site is made from our little cosy bungalow in the heart of beautiful Scotland from the original drawing to printing to packaging to shipping.
Although Featherstone and Bloom is in it's infancy, we have so many ideas to come and cant wait to share them with you all and hope that you will stay around and grow with us.

Chris x